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Traduzioni PolaccoPolish by birth, Italian by choice, two nationalities, two languages, one life.

Everything comes to completion.

More than a translator I would describe myself as someone to trust, a friend, an acquaintance. The fact that my work requires a deep sense of collaboration and complicity that goes beyond the simple meaning of words is enormously satisfying; translation is creative transformation, interpretative ability, simplicity in the expression of ideas, concepts and thoughts.
Helping others, supporting them in the development of their business, in reaching their goals through my work, is what gratifies me most.

I become their voice.

Written translation, and live interpreting are two equal yet different worlds; the former is rather static, requiring capacity for solitude, interior reflection and a lot of silence; the latter is dynamic, active and reactive, forcing you to face challenges in the moment they arise, when there is no “later.”

Everything is so cursedly immediate.

This work, apparently easy for the layman, requires however much preparation, concentration and the ability to summarise. Instantly.
It is for these reasons, for these difficulties and for its unpredictability that I love to work in contact with people, with their thoughts, their experience and their projects.
Literature, the book, represent in my opinion the ultimate expression of knowledge and understanding and its translation from one language to another sometimes embellishes their value without changing meaning or concept. In my case, therefore, the world of language translation represents a real and tangible opportunity of “saying” and “doing.” I hope that this may lead me to the realisation of the vision I have of my “business” in 5, 10, or 15 years, where private and professional life merge and where the line between two languages ​​and two different worlds become one.

[cml_media_alt id='85']Desktop 002[/cml_media_alt]THE MISSION: MORE THAN A TRANSLATOR

The relationship between translator and customer / company is full of opportunities. The secret is to look at the role of the translator in a modern way, enhancing its contribution through the process of internationalisation in the company.


With their linguistic and intercultural skills, the two business areas in which the translator can work effectively to meet the needs of companies in their internationalisation process, are essentially marketing and sales. In a world where all companies have to consider themselves in an international dimension, a professional who can combine language proficiency with marketing and sales skills can be of great help in growing a company. There is no strategy for success in these activities without a mastery of the language and knowledge of the culture of their foreign partners.


Knowing how to support the customer with professionalism and awareness in conducting business with foreign partners, not only enhances the role of the translator, but becomes an integral and active part in the international development of a company. The achievement of objectives, the improvement of results, collaboration and mutual support, ensure that both partners contribute actively to the development and success of a company.


Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera